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The Wisdom Buffet

A project dedicated to inspiring and uplifting the world

The Buffet

The Wisdom Buffet is the brain child of Jim Thomas, who, after reading Charles F. Haanel’s book The Master Key System, set out to find a small group of like minded people to explore in writing each of the concepts laid out in the book. It is our desire to inspire!

Our Authors/ The Chefs

Each of the Wisdom Buffet authors is in some way connected to the ancient art of feng shui and the teachings of the Tao. Sharing this common interest and a desire to inspire, they became the Wisdom Buffet Writers, dishing out stories and tips in an eight book series.

The Wisdom Books

Like any good buffet, the Wisdom Buffet offers a wide variety to choose from. With 8 books in the works and a variety of authors each offering their individual ideas on each topic, there is a virtual cornucopia of inspirations to choose from.